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vic hallVictoria Hall, Circa 1910

The Restoration of Victoria Hall 1971-1983

How a citizens group saved an architectural masterpiece!

John Taylor, who was the Executive Director of the Society for the Restoration of Victoria Hall, will speak about the extensive rebuilding project and screen his short film The Grand Gamble.

Tuesday September 18th at 7:00 pm
in the Concert Hall,
Victoria Hall, Cobourg
Doors open at 6:30
Free Admission

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Presented by
Victoria Hall Volunteers
with the generous support
of the Town of Cobourg.

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How a Citizens Group Saved an Architectural Masterpiece!

An enthusiastic crowd gathered on September 18th to hear John Taylor, who was the Executive Director of the Society for the Restoration of Victoria Hall for four years, speak about the wide-ranging 12-year restoration project to renovate Victoria Hall between 1971 to 1983. The building had fallen into total disrepair and because of fiscal restraints the Council put forth a motion to demolish the building. The Town couldn't assume the initial expense of $1 million so a motion to demolish the building was presented to Council. The one dissenting vote was Lenah Field Fisher who began "a call to arms" to save Victoria Hall. If it had not been for the efforts of a caring community and a group of activists Victoria Hall would have become a casualty of the wrecking ball. The final restoration cost was over $7 million dollars which would be, given inflation, an equivalent cost today of more than $45 million dollars!

John screened his short film The Grand Gamble which included numerous photos documenting the extensive deterioration and the restoration process. He donated copies of the film to the Town, the Cobourg Library and Victoria Hall Volunteers. As John was wrapping up his talk he asked if anyone knew what is the only remaining original piece of Victoria Hall still in existence today, there was no response. The answer is the two grand staircases. Other than minor refurbishments the elegant 1860s staircases still stand as a testament to those who saved the building and restored it to its former dignity and grandeur for many years to come.

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